Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're Getting There :)

This morning A1 gave Husband a hug and a kiss followed by, "You be careful out there!" I watched and made a mental note of the way my daughter's hair fell across her face as she, very seriously, told Husband to be careful. I wonder what she was thinking. I don't necessarily tell anyone to be careful when they leave. Do I? Husband doesn't. So why does she say this? Is she really concerned for his safty out in the "big world"? It was sweet and cute - just like her. She is growing fast.

A new school year is beginning, and I am at a totally, completely different school than I have ever been in before - a virtual one. It's actually really cool, and the information the teachers have access too... Goodness, if all teachers had access to the amount of info that we are, school would be amazing. I'm working from home, too and have been able to get the Laundry done. Yes, all of it. I am so proud of myself. I am facing my fear of the laundry. I will beat it. Yes. I. Will.

Husband started a new job too. One that allows him to interact with people more. This is good for a few reasons. 1) He is a social butterfly. A2 gets it Totally naturally. He is the definition of "never met a stranger." He Needs social interaction; a computer screen ain't gettin' it for him. And we sort of were all paying for his lack of, well, conversational time at work. He was grumpy. A Lot. And it sucked. But, he already seems to be back to his happier, more-normal self. I have missed him. 2) I think he was actually getting dumber. No offense. But not talking to people enough seemed to be sucking his brain cells out. Maybe there is some study somewhere that shows that lack of converstaion can lead to an unretention of information? Hmm, maybe. 3) He is teaching others. This is a gift of his. He is very, very, very, paitent (most of the time) and Patience is essential to teaching others. I can tell it makes him feel good to be doing something for others again. He likes that.

A1 is moving in up the daycare world, up to "The Fours". That's a big deal, y'all. The seniors of daycare, and she is stoked, too. Everyday that she is in "The Fours" when I pick her up, she is like, "Oh, Mommy, I was in the foooooouuuurrrrs today!" Bonus day if she stayed on green (didn't have to flip a card for, you know, breathing too loudly).

A2 is offically potty trained. Mostly. She still wears pullups at night. But she is passyless and pullupsless at naptime. Little cutie is becoming a big girl herself.

A3 reached her 1/2 year the other week and popped two teeth. And we are moving out of the infant carseat and into the big girl one. This means I have to rearrange the craziness that is my back seat so that all of the appropriate car seats actually fit.

So, as you can see, we are all on the move. We have fallen a lot in the last 12 months. A lot of stumbling and figuring out our new normal, but I think we are getting there. I really do. I feel like this new year (of course my New Year is structured around the school year) is a fresh start for us. We have some roots down and are finding our way. Last night we had a regular, smooth dinner with everyone at the table. The night ended with all three little As in bed by 8:15, the smallest A slept all night (no boughts of crying due to those pesky teeth), and I enjoyed a movie with Husband. :) We're getting there.

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