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The Pinspired Bathroom Redo

Shots from the door.
As far as I am concerned, my family is complete. I've been waiting for us to make this decision so I could redo the kid bathroom. That sounds weird even as I type it, but there it is. We have one kid bathroom and knowing that we are sticking with an all girl (kids anyway) family makes a difference in the approach to redoing the kids' bathroom. We have all girls; let's do it girly. So that is what I did. I scoured the Internet and pinterest for ideas (see The Girls' bathroom board for a full overview of the major ideas). Some of these ideas I ripped off completely; some I tweaked; some I tried but in reality they just did not work.

I did not take any before pics. I am terrible about doing that, sorry. Basically, this bathroom was neon lemon super bright yellow. That was it, oh and two mirrors and a towel rack. We moved into this house two years ago, and, well, I have been a little busy with the starting a new job, then starting another new job, having the third baby, and, you know, life and stuff. So, the house is Slowly coming along to the incredible masterpiece I see in my head (Ha haha hahaha).

I chose pink, yellow, and gray for the colors. I was afraid I would go way overboard with these three, then I found a big print that inspired a few more colors to peek in.

The budget for this makeover was $0.00 (seriously), so I have been collecting and hitting sales for about 6 months, and I think I managed it for about $100.00 (including paint). I made most of the "stuff" and any materials or already-cute-enough things were ALL at least 50% off of the original price; however, quite a bit of the materials came from Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity Restore (awesome, awesome place to find stuff for super cheap). I'll try to tell where I got everything as I go.
 It is a small bathroom (as you can tell from above). The bottom 3/4 is gray (Valspar paint - if I had to do it again, I would absolutely go with Sherwin Williams), the top 1/4 is the original yellow. I have to give credit to my friend, Bianca. The paint "format" (3/4 bottom color, 1/4 top, "stitching" with the 3rd color) was inspired by the sweet room she did for her baby girl.
The pic should be vertical, but it is not letting me correct it. Ugh.
This will be another hair bow holder. I will add the ribbons once I find a color I like and that matches. I had nothing I was happy with in my ribbon stash. The frame is a Goodwill (GW) purchase. I covered it with ribbon from Hobby Lobby (HL) and some flowers I made. The large one is a silk flower with a felt one glued in the center - the others are all felt. All the tutorials for these flowers are on the Crafty Board.

  This hair bow holder is not new. I made it about three or four years ago. The top is canvas and the bottom has three pieces of ribbon weighed down with a heavy key ring along with four simple screw in hooks.

I made most of these hair bows over the last few years with the exception of some ( the star burst ones with the buttons in the middle were made by my talented little cousin). There are lots of hair bow tutorials online and on my Crafty Board.

The flower hooks are from HL but I added the marble to the middle. Right now, all spring and summer stuff is 66% off at HL, so these were super cheap! They will be decorative a pony tail holder and a necklace holder. The pink piece (on the right, but, again, turned the wrong way!) is my favorite of everything. This is a piece of seaweed we found on Pawley's Island on our last beach trip. We brought it home, dried it, glued it to a piece of wood (AC Moore), modge podged it and painted it. Love it!

The sink shelf has a lot going on (or maybe it seemed that way when I was putting together). The shelf was a brand new wood shelf I found at the Habitat Restore for two bucks. I rigged the mounting from some wood we had around the house. I mixed bronze metallic paint with yellow to color the shelf. Then I used the bronze to paint "That's What Makes You Beautiful" on top. The girls are (of course) soooooo into that song right now, and I think it is a cute line for a bathroom mirror.

These are clay pots from Walmart that I modge podged doilies onto, and I used a hot glue gun to make little do dads on the tops. I painted  the one above blue and the one on the right pink. Then I went over all three with the bronze metallic paint. I hot glued them to the shelf so that the girls cannot pull them off and break them.  

This pot (again with the formatting) is from the Tinker Bell party we had when Ad turned three and Ab turned one. The pic below is how we used it then.

The formatting, ugh, the formatting! Anyway, this is a planter (50% off at AC Moore) that I hot glued to the counter to use as a brush holder.

This is the picture that I used as the overall inspiration. I found it at Garden Ridge - by the way All of their kids' room collection stuff is 75% off. This little sweetie was $7.49 when all was said and done.

 The shelf under the picture was another Restore purchase (.50 cents). I originally bought it to sit frames on when I spray painted them. The last thing I painted was light blue. The blue on top of all the colors was kinda neat, so I used the board for the shelf. It is rough wood on top and the multi spray painted colors on the flip side.
The frame was a full buy (no crafting needed) from Garden Ridge for $1.45.

 These are details of the B. The letter was unfinished paper mache from HL. I painted it white then coated with a glitter finish. The outline is a string of plastic pearls hot glued to the edge. The rest are various beads I bought from HL or had at the house. I love the embellishments at the top. I learned how to do those from this video.

Eh, I am over complaining about the formatting, whatever. This was a Barnetts Sweet Tea vodka bottle that I hot glued marbles and beads to. I imagine this with some lights inside would be awesome. Currently, it is the home to some tall, pretty pink flowers.

The shower curtain liner is a regular old liner. The pink is actually a sheer curtain panel. I picked up a second shower rod ( .50 cents at the Restore) and squished it in on the other side of the tub. The ends come off so I could scoot the fruit basked onto the rod. This way we did not have to put holes in the ceiling and the kids cannot pull it down. I tested it - they can't pull it down. This means no more frog pod falling off in the middle of the night and scaring us all to death. This also means that they cannot reach the toys that we do not want them to have (like ones that the 18 month old uses to dump water on the tile). Later, each kid can have their own basket for their own stuff.

We have serious storage issues in this bathroom, so I went with then crates on the wall idea. The crates are 10 bucks at A C Moore. They are plain unfinished wood, so I white washed them. If you want to do this, be sure to get good hangers. I'll try to find a picture of the ones we used.

These cute little hangers were 60% off at HL but only came in the rod iron look, but a little white spray paint did the trick.

This is a Ragu jar (look closely and you can see the glue from the label that I could Not get off). I Never Never throw away glass jars - there is always something you can do with them = vase, condiment holder, paint water holder, paper weight, clue holder - on and on and on. I used hot glue to spell out sisters and added some hearts and dots, then I coated it with silver metallic spray paint. Love it.

This was a magazine/toilet paper holder that all of our grandmas used to have when we were kids. I snagged it at GW for $1.00. It was brown, so I added the signature colors and took off one of the legs for toilet paper. My kids like to read while they take care of their business, so this  will hopefully help keep the books off the floor.

Tallest step stool ever. Even the baby (see below) has no problems reaching the sink to brush her teeth - or play in the water. Another 75% off item from Garden Ridge. This cutie was already painted and available to the tune of $30.00. Asking me to spend thirty bucks on a step stool is like asking me to fly to the moon for some cheese. However at 75% off, I'll take it. Wuz (nod to my neighbor here) it.

And we are back to the door.

We still have a shelf to add Over the back of the tub - I have a few baskets to stick up there to store all the overflow when I buy a ton of something when it goes on sale - shampoo, conditioner, poofy balls, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

Below are some other Pinterest inspired stuff around my house...

Haha - depending on how you read this, you may think, "Good grief, that's a little personal". But this was his note to me after our 4th of July field day.

 This is a Mason jar and a baby food jar (Earth's Best, I think). I mixed blueish/greenish paint with watered down glue (regular glue), painted the inside, turned it upside down, baked it at 350 until it was dry. Cotton balls on bottom, cotton swabs on top. Cute and efficient.

 My favorites at the moment on a spice rack.
 Magnet tape on the inside of the medicine cabinet + bobby pins = magic (and less mess in my drawer).

Sugar scrub (some of you may get this for Christmas). Coconut oil, lime juice, and sugar. I highly recommend taking a bottle of Dawn to the bath with you so you can rinse out the oil and grime that comes off of your body when you use this. It works because I can see the pounds of dead skin in the bottom of the tub! Yuck! I mean, Yay, cause my skin feels A Maz Ing, but, yeah, bring the Dawn.

Sideways - again. This happened by accident. I was painting the hall and was wrapping up for the day. I had all this extra paint in the brush and wrote this on the wall thinking I would paint over it the next day. Husband came home and sorta loved it, so we taped it off, painted around it and are leaving it. It is right at the top of the stairs, so it is the first thing you see heading down and coming up. <3

Again, sideways. This is a growth chart. The wood was $2.00 from the Restore. I measured and painted it - Husband hung it.

My babies' rooms - still a work in progress

There are two Es, I know. I changed my mind 3/4 of the way through. The U is still under construction. Everything - EVERYthing here is either made by me or purchased from GW and the Restore. Max = $15.00 in the whole thing.

Frame from Restore (painted white) as was the flower (painted also). In the frame is one of A3's first birthday cards from my sister and her family. The colors and meaning were perfect. :)

 Shelf was white wicker (from Restore for $5.00). I roughly painted the outside and shelf to match the facing wall. The bird houses were $1.00 each from the Restore.

Gallery wall in A1's room. She is a dynamic girl. Hello Kitty frame $5.00 from Restore, spray painted white.

Poofy ball things made from the girls' birthday gift tissue paper. They are right in front of the vent, so they sway when the air/heat kicks on - she loves that. I love the blinds - How many times do you tell a kid not to mess with them. There is even a hook for the string (see it between the windows). I don't know how she even gets up there!?

Wood elephant from Restore. Quote from The Seven Blind Mice (one of our favorites).

This was the ugliest thing when I found it at the Restore. The shade was yellow and busted, the base was grimy wood and the plastic part was yellow - old yellow. The new shade is from Walmart. We cleaned it up and painted it her colors, and she loves it. It is the perfect reading light.

 Glassless frame nailed to the wall allows us to change posters when the time comes (the time may never come given her love for comics). The painting is one I did years ago.

This may be my favorite thing in the entire house. This is the paper where she wrote her full name (by herself) for the first time. She cut it out, and I secretly saved it. The frame was a Goodwill purchase painted to match her decor - the inside is scrap book paper with her name and date written on the bottom right hand corner.

 Garden baskets from Garden Ridge. Full price = $5.00. The best deal!! These hold the treasures she does not want A3 to get a hold of.
"You cannot come out of your room until the little hand is on or past Tink." - Summer time Rule.

Not in the kids' rooms - in the hall. And it is in progress. The hall is skinny and long, so the horizontal line as a photo organizer works beautifully. I'll take the tape down when the project is finished.

This is what happens after Mom nicely arranges the wall decals in A2's room. The pattern changes daily. Oh well.

 This was my mother-in-law's. It is from the era of country blue and rose. We modernized it with hot pink and yellow (A2's favorite color). We pretend it is Mother Goose watching over her books.

A2's gallery wall. Her 1st bday tutu, her favorite beach hat from babydom, a fan her aunt and uncle gave her, an art project, her pictures, and a cow. She loves cows.

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